• Abdullah
    Abdullah *Pg*E* (By Donauwind *E* o/o Abiza *E* by Maharadascha) Bred by Trakehner Gestüt Birkhausen Last owned by: Williamsburg Farm (Sue & Terry Williams)"
  • Advocate
    Advocate *Ps* (By Graditz *E* o/o Arabeske by Abdullah *Pg*E*). Bred by John Kinder. Owned by Loon Creek Enterprises. Photo Credit Susan Sexton."
  • Windfall
    Windfall *Pg* (By Habicht o/o Wundermadel xx by Madruzzo xx) Bred by Heinz Lembke. Owned by Tim Holekamp. Photo credit Tim Holekamp.
  • Graziela
    Graziela TSF(By Seclusive xx o/o SPS Gassandra by EH Tenor) Bred by Gestüt Bönnighart, Germany. Owned by Hilmer Ruprecht, Germany, driven by Ulla Günther, Germany. Photo: Trakehner Verband Archives
  • Hera
    Hera *Pg* (By Garibaldi o/o Havel by Matador) Photo credit Frease Frame Photography
  • Heslegard
    Heslegard's Stravinsky(By Heslegard’s Camerlengo out of Sunday Night by Deadly Nightshade xx); bred by Xenia and Ulrik Nedergaard, Helsinge, Denmark; owned by Julie McKean. Photo credit Kim MacMillan.
  • Hirtentanz
    Hirtentanz(By Axis o/o St.Pr.u.E.St. Herzlani by Kostolany) Owned by KD Trakehners. Photo credit, Stefan Lafrentz
  • Malachi
    Malachi(By Advocate *Ps* o/o Mallorka by Gunnar). Bred by Haines Heritage Farm (Cynthia Haines). Owned by Loon Creek Enterprises (Kim and Allen McMillan). Photo credit Cindy Hook.
  • Oskar
    Oskar II *Pg* (by Hockey o/o Obitel by Blesk) Bred by Kirov Stud Owned by Joe Pimentel. Photo by Susan Sexton.
  • Pitucelli
    Pitucelli(By EH Hohenstein o/o PS Pari by EH Argument) Bred by Harald Giesche, Germany. Photo credit: Jutta Bauernschmitt www.tierfoto.org
  • Seacookie
    Seacookie (By Helikon xx out of Sonnenwende by Onassis *E*). Photo credit Allen MacMillan.

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